Tennis Racquet From Control Freek Integrates Dryer!

Touted as the revolutionary form of “tennis dominator,” the racquet from Control Freek is aimed to refine the coolest experience of enjoying the game. If your hands also happen to drop sweat whilst playing Tennis then it’s time to go for the latest air circulating tennis racquets. No, don’t doubt it to be a standard mini portable fan rather it is the purposeful wiffle technology that will air condition your palm as you play tennis. The high tech holes in its handle allow the trapping and circulation of air to your palms. The Dominator, one of their models features two large air scoops over the racquet’s handle that maintains the circulation of air.
The look and feel of the Raquet declares that not every can afford to play with Control Freek racquets as its high-cost factor justifies its personality, thereby looking for a deserving personality mate!

An intelligent equation:
Sweat-free hands + Easy Grip + Ultra Tennis Playing Experience = $275 racquet
Via Gizmodo/ InventorSpot

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