Gimaballed Champagne Holder: For a Hedonistic Yacht & You!

If profligate lifestyle and excuse of having piled up dough is the reason for your extravagance then excuse me please! How about enjoying another glass of wine while seating in an open sky over the yacht? One noticeable and self-confessed fact about the hedonistic clan is their possession of a yacht, which according to them comes equipped with every luxury. But the Gimaballed Champagne Holder (pictured above) is surely a missing luxury. The champagne holder respects every drop of Moet ordered from the vineyards based in the north east of France.
The designer Bottler was designed and developed for Dutch company Bottler BV by an established interior yacht designer, who was stimulated by Gerolamo Cardano. It was in 1537 he developed his ‘cardanic suspension’ (gimbals) to hold the breadth firmly adjacent to the ship arrangements. With a starting price tagged at €5,000, the designer wine holder comprise of three concentric rings, where the compass hung always upright. Ready to install in your luxury yacht, the hand-crafted Bottler is designed using watch-making precision and is customized as per the customer’s needs.

Currently, the sleek and stylish champagne holder resides on board of Italian 150-foot yacht Princess Iolanthe and 197 ft super yacht Paraffin owned by Mike Kittredge. If you wish to flaunt this form of opulence as well rush now.
Via SailWorld

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