Jaambaaro: An Ambulance Rickshaw by Benoit Angibaud

If you understand the grey line of difference between urgency and emergency then the concept of an Ambulance Rickshaw by Benoit Angibaud will make more sense to you. It befits the need of developing nations, where crime and health concerns has no limits. Hence, you may little realize what crisis situation you have to face in next few hours. The Ambulance Rickshaw is capable of driving the injured or aged to the hospital within no time. Considering the condition of rural Africa transport, this form of ambulance can really be a savior. It features a blind that offers sunshade to the patient residing inside and a stretcher that allows an easy holding of a patient.

What next? Driver steps in, hops in front, gets to wheeling, and here they push towards a medical center. Surely, it is much cheaper form of commuting than standard ambulances. But yes, for performance it needs few potential hands that can develop this structure.
It’s presence would surely make a difference between life and death.
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