Hockey Organ by Graeme Patterson: Where Sports Marries Music!

Yes, creating a buzz around this time is a keyboard-monitored Hockey Table that takes your sporting spirit to an altogether different level. Now free feel to eschew those commonly installed models of foosball table and sporty simulators that lack music. For those who love music and enjoy sports, here is perfect bait for them. Canadian puppet master, Graeme Patterson is blessed with a genius mind as he has developed Casio keyboard-monitored hockey table using his ages-old table hockey game and Casio electronic keyboard dating back to 1980s. The philosophy followed here is similar to that of a puppet functionality with only difference that here you need to press keys instead of strings to keep the device in motion.

And the troupe takes their position with a music note cheering each of them. The entire arrangement of a musical hockey table has a potential to be exhibited before so-called audience as it comes with two integrated tiny cameras, a screen that outlines the back wall of the pitch. So, next time you wish to throw party in your quad, don’t forget to install this major attraction here.
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Hockey Organ

Hockey Organ

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