Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX, A Two-Headed LCD Monster-Monitor

With growing usages, we feel the need of either a huge screen or an alternate screen. Whilst former had many options but later is a buzz created by Samsung’s offering of SyncMaster 2263DX, which has been reviewed by Wired. Now all your sundry widgets and other digital ephemera can be accommodated on that alternate screen. Also, the idea of having multiple monitors on your machine makes you more organized. Samsung seemed to have realized the reality before any one could and the fact that a complete a full-size second monitor can overkill is a well considered thought. Hence, they unveiled the SyncMaster 2263.

The model has an appealing finish and pioneering design. The downsides comprise average presentation and a high value. And yes the 7-inch monitor won’t be an easy deal as it demands $550 whist within less than $100, you can buy and pair two decent 20-inch monitors. The 2263DX is fine-looking freak is defined as a cool innovation act and not the chief lure in the LCD sideshow.

SyncMaster 2263DX

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