$4000 Tattooed Zombie, Courtesy Bizarre Magazine

Bizarre Magazine is now touching the heights of the weird world and has declared aloud that it can’t settle for anything ordinary. Hence the guys behind him have tracked down Zombie Boy; a facially tattooed Montreal youth who’s persona has invited a lot of critique questioning his reason. Whilst earlier the tattoo was restricted to an awfully meticulous facial skull but now Rick, Zombie Boy has invested over $4000 to satiate his quest for a tattooed zombie.

He considers this tattooed appeal the human body as a cadaver the art of a putrid corpse. It’s also a tribute to horror movies, which I love.

Bizarre Magazine interviewed him concerning his manifestation, his inspiration and how he’s dealing with disparagement and his Internet renown.

Tattooed Zombie

After a long oration, I suggest you to roll over the gallery:

Tattooed Zombie

Tattooed Zombie

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