Seascout Ocean Rescue Robot Shields You From Tough Water

The Seascout aquatic rescue robot can be witnessed as a weapon for specialized and errant tourists in unbolted waters. If any fine day, you feel the possibility of getting caught in such panicky moment then all you need to do is to activate a GPS tracker and the ‘bot’ would slither out to scrape them into its drudgery bay, transporting them back to shelter. Accessibly physically or preprogrammed, and features a domestic lighting, a sun-shade and a radio system so as to keep you away from that claustrophobic feel.

All it needs is a duo of frickin’ laser beams to scuffle off shark to evolve as a marine hero or rather a successful villain. Designed and developed by Andre Harley, a student at the Designskolen Kolding University in Denmark, the Seascout is truly a revolutionary form of recue.

Seascout Ocean Rescue
Seascout Ocean Rescue Robot
Via Dvice / Gizmodo/ Corofolt

Seascout Ocean Rescue Robot

Seascout Ocean Rescue

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