Green Chess Set by Armando Ramirez, Courtesy Recycled Auto Parts

With higher standard of living becoming the demand of an hour, there comes a push to replace your current car model with an upcoming one. But have you ever thought about the usage possibility that abandoned model of coupe would have generated? If no then it’s time to take inspiration from Armando Ramirez rather than just allowing them to invite dust on its face. Old car parts can do wonders…Ask Ramirez how? Lately, he has used the junk auto parts to design a designer recycled chess set. Priced at $207.95, each chess set has a customized structure designed using heavy and rustic miscellany of an old car.

The cranium of the bishop pieces are made using NGK and AC DELCO spark plugs with each set having their own entity touches. This green form of entertainment is a reminder to your dead realization that going green is our responsibility. It has an attached rustic pseudo-steampunk feel.
If this is not your taste and you wish to give the due amount of respect to your piled up dough then bring home a diamond edition of chess set or ink a neat deal with transparent chess set.
Via GizmosForGeeks / CoolestGadgets

Green Chess Set

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  • Hi my name is Tara I want to buy the Armando Ramirez green auto part chess set where do I go how do I order it witch site ?

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