Elite Find of the Day: 250W Balamar Sea Scooter

Designed particularly for divers and also non-swimmers, the 250W Balamar Sea Scooter aims at addressing a new meaning to the interesting activity of riding on or within water. It can be seen as a weapon for the feeble swimmers or learners’ thereby strengthening them to crack through the flow of water. Available in appealing blue shade, the scooter features 250 watt (enabling you ride at 5 Mph in water) and offers you a ball investigating submarine bionetwork and nautical life up to 82 Feet/25 meters.

250W Balamar Sea Scooter

The easy accessibility of this marine scooter is due to its impermeable robust lightweight synthetic outer shell whilst its 12V battery offers you to enjoy scoot for continuous 1.5 hours on a single battery charge.

250W Balamar Sea Scooter

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