Personalized Airborne Cars, A Reality: Sinclair

The increasing traffic jams has led to the birth of double-digits figures in every field. Be it fuel-cost, health hazards, waste of time leading to financial lose but the advancement in technology has addressed this problem as well and has reflected the possibility of developing flying cars. This singular solution, whenever becomes functional would be an answer to piled up problems. An established name in the filed of home computers and electric cars Sir Clive Sinclair believes technology required to produce flying cars is available. It is now economically and technically possible to develop flying cars for individuals that can be mechanically controlled as not all of us can learn to fly.
The attached comfort level is matchless as it can take off from your home and land at your destination without any stoppages.

The models would be powered by electricity and currently no efforts are being made upon developing any model functional on flying car technology currently but Sinclair shares his interest in being involved with such a practice.
Via BBC/ PocketLint

Airborne Cars

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