Elite Find of the Day: Mr. Asahi, The Robotic Barman

Selfridges in association with Asahi beer has unveiled the world’s first personalized robotic barman that has a potential to serve you with a drink within two-minutes of taking the order, hence saving your 13- minutes. Called ‘Mr Asahi,’ it is developed using Robotics and Animatronics, and essentially is expert in serving ice-cold beer as half pints within de-cap bottles of beer. Mr Asahi’s simulation technology is accessible upon a condensed air feature that is monitored and synchronized through its numerous valves and electrical switching mechanisms connected to a PC.

They say 200 man hours were invested by a pool of eight-engineer to create such a product with robotic bar keeping skills. Weighing a quarter of a ton, it always offers a smiling face and responds patiently to the customers’ needs.
Mr. Asahi
After making its manifestation in this week, the Mickey Metal functional caricature is reserved to move on for a national sampling tour with a schedule appended here.
· Manchester: 10-14 July
· Nottingham: 18-19 July
· Edinburgh: 24-26 July
· Glasgow: 25 July
· Newcastle: 1-3 August
· Birmingham: 6-7 September
· Leeds: 10-13 September
· Birmingham: 18-20 September
After an exhaustive oration, I suggest you to run through the video and applause his skills.

Via TechRadar/ Gizmodo/ TheInquirer

Mr. Asahi

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