Elite Find of the Day: Transparent Chess Set from Alice’s Wonderland

Whilst in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass,’ follow-up to the applauded ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,’ Alice only worry was to identify what’s on the flipside of mirror and thus continues her search for the same. Following the similar heights of curiosity, designer Yasmin Sethi has taken us to an extreme where there is no end to our speculation of the fact what made Sethi come out with such a delicate and revolutionary creation of a Chess Set. The transparent chess set is devised to enrich your playing experience with a possibility that it may be the shock of the life for scholars in this field i.e. David Blaine and Chris Angel.

After picking up a cylinder and placing it over any random or intelligent square, you would realize they become transparent upon a mere touch.
Transparent Chess Set
Transparent Chess Set
Via Gizmodo/ CribCandy

Transparent Chess Set

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