All Star Tailgating Trailer Allows Party On Wheels!

These days celebrating victory or having a fad for throwing parties cannot be restricted to the four boundaries of your abode. Hence, enriching the experience we offered our elite audience an introduction to party-a-cargo. But today we have another competitive option giving you an excuse to throw party in a rich style. If you wish to organize eventual tailgater parties then enjoy the company of the All Star Tailgating trailer. It features a 60″ LCD screen; impressive 6 x 12 foot trailer with integrated gears that re prerequisites of a party. To name few, it details three TVs, DVD/CD player, satellite recorder, satellite receiver, bar-b-que grill/smoker, refrigerator, video gaming system, two burner stove, cooker, adaptable storage cabinet and is well stocked with soft and hard drinks. But list doesn’t end here, it features a 160 quart ice chest, 2800 watt generator and well-fitted storage shelves.

And it also has arrangement that would enable you attend nature’s call at any odd hour. What are you waiting for….if looking for a reason then the production of such trailers is a worthy one to bingo!

All Star Tailgating Trailer

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