Swarovski Encrusted Game Console Cum Necklace

Swarovski encrusted gizmos offers a feast to the changing taste of geeks’ and the latest creation is all set to break few heads. Designed and developed by designer Kyle Daevel especially for geeky divas, the Crystal Game Station cum Necklace is a perfect blend of technology and lifestyle. Respecting the changing culture, the necklace is festooned with polished round stones and is functional enough to reflect your geeky persona. The concept of the fashionable gizmo stands on a Role Playing game (RPG) format. The body of this bluetooth enabled interactive game console cum necklace is layered with tidily cut crystal.

The contour looks like a macrobiotic prototype and combines into an eight point star outline at the centre of the contrivance. It can be easily carried as a necklace and within no time function as a game console by detaching the crystal pendant from necklace and hooking it up to the game station. So next time you happen to be a part of A spinster party and find yourself surrounded by techie divas then utilize the best of the opportunity to transfer data from those having similar Crystal game Station.

Via Crystallized
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