Kilmatec’s AirWater Machine Can Extract Water From Air

The Klimatec Base 1 AirWater Machine is a self-regulated water cooler capable of extorting water from the air. But its functionality doesn’t end here as it then takes a step ahead in purifying it and then offering it with energizing blobs of kindness. Within 24 hours, it can extract 20 liters of water and is solar powered feature enable to plug in a refrigerator with it for ultra-coldness. Now you must be wondering how it works. The Base 1 AirWater Machine captures all the moisture present in the atmosphere via its refrigeration procedure to compress the dampness from air.

Then air-driven blowers are inserted into the mechanism via an electro static filter. Cooled spirals positioned in the trail of air provide a temperature discrepancy among the air and the coil shell resulting in compression that is channeled into a holding tank integrated with a level switch capable of monitoring the water production cycle.

Water then flows through a vigorous carbon sieve to eliminate solids, oxygenates and to eradicate any whiff. Then it finally passes through a UV light chamber to purge any left-over bacterial content. And then unadulterated drinking hot and cold water is then provided via the dispenser.

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AirWater Machine

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