Grill Dining Table Concept Integrates Cooking System!

Addressing a new definition to dining style of patio dinners and barbecue, here comes a potential dining table concept with built-in cooking system. The dual functionality of the aluminum and wood patio furniture include the functional kitchen cum barbecue followed by a dining there only. Grill n Table concept is a perfect fit for doomy summers when dining with a family in courtyard seems a blessing. The arrangement of table and cooking area can be expanded to accommodate eight people.

The project is the creation of the Dial_6 faction, an industrial design research group comprising of six students with aim to encourage the aluminum service sector in Quebec.

Well, if you are looking for an individual functionality of Grills, then do check here.

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Dining Table

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  • my mother always use dining tables that are chrome plated because they can be cleaned easily.

  • my mom is an expert when it comes to choosing dining tables, she is always after durability and style.

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