$157,709 Bell Aurens Longnose is World’s First Land Rover with 1500+ HP

Germany-based Land Rover aficionados Thomas Bell and Holger Kalvelage have shared their interest in standard British roadsters and have taken an initiative to club both these attributes into one by unveiling Bell Aurens Longnose. Claiming to be the world’s first Land Rover 4×4 “Off-roadster” it resembles a vintage car. The scary ride features a choice of 8 or 12 cylinder 4.6-litre engines, leaf sprung double square steel ladder frame, customized steering from series Land Rover, off-road gear diminution. The V12 canister (aircraft engine) sports an aptitude of approx 1500 bhp (27 liter). The wiring will be restricted to the needed parts, like illumination and detonation. The typical gauges include mechanical speedometer, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel weigh.

The driver is entitled to receive a feedback directly from the engine sound with an option of detachable revmeter. Each vehicle will be customized as per the needs with a demanding price of $157,709. The price includes association with the Bell Aurens Owner’s Club, and each buyer is allowed to visit factory in Bavaria to run through the process of car under-processing. It would be available for sale in three shades viz. black, Sahara racing cream and British racing green.

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Bell Aurens Longnose

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