Elite Find of the Day: Touch Surface Interactive Scape

Whilst months back the evolution of interaction table marked a new revolution with little knowledge that soon it would have to face competition with Interactive Scape, a 58-inch touch surface. The latter one is a replica of the Microsoft Surface table that created much of a buzz but is not available for sale until now. But that doesn’t mean that the existence of interactive products is only till news and doesn’t meet reality. Microsoft TouchWall retailed at $100,000 inked a neat deal at Neimann Marcus. It is a clear indication of the fact that there is no restraint to the production of interactive surface and filthy-rich tech-lovers as well.

Similar to Microsoft offerings’, Interactive Scape allows you to compute touchscreen-style by stirring things around its 1080p touchscreen with your fingers and it is also capable of transferring data to and from cell phones via Bluetooth. A glimpse at the table would make you realize its screaming beauty with its Corian surface slapped with various shades. The German makers behind it are demure about its cost, but the pricey factor attached to it is an indicator that it will first feature at retail point-of-sale applications. Well, the growing technology impact and production of products that stands beyond our imagination claims that Gen X would be using these touch-screen interactive forms on daily basis.

If it fails to convince you then free feel to design your own interactive table via Cubit or bring home the voice recognition table designed for conferences by Kage Roi.

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Interactive Scape

Interactive Scape

Interactive Scape

Interactive Scape

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Interactive Scape

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