Robotic Foosball Table Engages Spectators As Well!

With every week we put you across latest versions of foosball table and following the exercise is this week’s offering of Robotic Foosball Table from The University of Adelaide by engineering students Tammy Chau, Jason Then, Matthew Turnbull, Sam Wan and Steven Cheng. An out product of their final engineering project, the table is formed utilizing a 96-pinhole camera, LED sensor grid, custom-written software and a precision actuation system, hence offering an access to the table to beat the pants off of a human player.

A logic-monitoring and servo-motor actuation system based on the PC-based SoftLogix podium and Kinetix 2000 motion control technology persuade the game’s controls. I sit back and wonder if the similar amounts of efforts were made upon fighting the global warming issues, which is now being tagged as an eternal debatable issue with no hope to be resolved soon.

Via ProductPage/ Gizmodo
Robotic Foosball Table

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