MultiPlay Roulette TouchTable!

Let’s confess it that the surging growth in the production of turntables is due to our constant desire to have something innovative even for our entertainment purpose. And falling much to our needs is the ultra high-tech MultiPlay Roulette TouchTable. The revolutionary creation is in full mood to shun all conventional models of Roulette tables or at least replace them with this one. The table sports 56-inch multitouch LCD screen with resolution of 3840X 2160 and invites seven gamers in one-go to enlighten themselves with the electronic form of betting.

Sporting an innovative patent pending technology enables touchscreen to recognize the player accountable for a definite clack. This facilitates numerous players to bet at once on the identical playing area without any immoral moves experience.

MultiPlay Roulette TouchTable

MultiPlay Roulette TouchTable

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MultiPlay Roulette TouchTable

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