Google TV is Possible Via Google Media Server!

All Google savvy, technophiles, geeks, researchers, PC-addicts…kindly lend your ears here as the piece of news would bring smile on your face even when your PC is ill and desktop is not in a mood to cooperate. A lately unveiled gadget for Google Desktop called Google Media Server would enable the surfers to take content from their PC and other online Google services i.e. YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, and enjoy it over UPnP compatible devices like the PS3. Regrettably, the Google media server clearly mentions that the gadget does not work with Xbox (albeit technically it is possible but legal department behind it won’t let it happen).

Preliminary evaluation isn’t impressive, but software being beta convinces technophiles that it’s a good start. If you are curious to experience it then install now on your Windows machine. After hitting the option button, you can select the devices that are adaptable to the media on your PC. To maintain your privacy, Google Media Server allows you to approve the access of the devices. The same can be configured by pressing the “Options” button located on Gadget interface then choosing “Devices” from the left hand column.

Tell us about your experience with Google Media Server and if there is a need to polish it further.

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