Feel High Via Hi-Tech Party-A-Cargo With Tailgate Kegerator On Its Butts!

The inviting headline is incomplete to build a mystery around its nature of being hi-tech, hence forcing you to read it further. If you have a heart for wine and are engaged in a field job or for that matter have planned holiday for a weeks-time then this Party-A-Cargo can be your savior. The cargo is inclusive of an attached Kegerator, Sound System & Subwoofer. With kegerator escalated on the hips of the Party-A-Cargo, it is a blessing for all the party animals. This fully autonomous tailgate kegerator cargo can stock up to 160 cans satiating your booze desire and bringing an on-the-way music vibes into the environment.

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The locking flap ensures the security of your stock and is available in three different units.


The device features a Kegerator (Jockey Box), CD/stereo, 2 – 6″x9″ speakers, 12-volt power adapter, 10″ subwoofer, Sirius satellite radio, integrated battery charger and all that with a spill over of mere $3,795 whist the medium one and standard one is retailed at $3,395 and $2,895 correspondingly.



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