BuzzBall Concept Can Offer Individualistic Roller Coaster Ride

The success of the deep engagement of amusement parks developing roller coasters has been well proven by the surging number of enthusiasts rushing to take ride. And with the improved technical specks, one can witness unending queues. It was then an idea clicked Evento’s mind and he came out with the concept of BuzzBall. The realistic appeal and functionality of the device features a single seat within a large outer ball that’s able to twirl and roll autonomously of the ball itself, offering a similar feel of enjoying a stay on a roller coaster. The concept is powered by a duet of electric motors and doesn’t demand the need of a hill rather an open space would do.

Each motor is restricted by a separate garrote that can either allow the chair to whirl within the ball or work jointly to push the ball ahead. Nevertheless, once the BuzzBall comes in motion and pilot takes a call to turn, their seat inside the ball will swivel alongside the course of travel ensuing in spins, somersaults, corkscrews, barrel rolls and other queasiness inducing shifts. Evento is trying every possibility to commercialize the functional product soon.

BuzzBall Concept

BuzzBall Concept

BuzzBall Concept

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BuzzBall Concept

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