Limited Edition 20ltd Caillou Boat Costs $10,740

Limited edition stuff is what my elite audience crazy about and why not the exclusivity of the products bearing a ceiling-top price gives them every right to ink deals and populate their abode with deluxe thingamajigs. Adding to their kit is an opulent summer fantasy of a limited edition boat cum kayak from Caillou. Called 20ltd Caillou Boat, it features concrete fiberglass floor and hull with mahogany garnish, two fiberglass seats with hovering cushions’, two kayak paddles, a carbon fiber mast followed by a Dacron sail rig with carbon fiber cudgels.

Weighing over 100 pounds, it is easy to transport it from the roof of your car using a Thule or Yakima rack. Measuring 17.5 feet with a 41-inch beam, counted five models are developed with each one retailed at $10,740.

20ltd Caillou Boat

Via AcquireMag
Limited Edition 20ltd Caillou Boat Costs $10,740


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