Optical Tone Ambiance Offers Psychedelic Spree Without illicit Gist

As technology continues to blend flawlessly with our daily routine, the junction amid art and technology has become increasingly universal. Realizing the fact Japanese artist Mutoh Tsutomu has taken a step ahead in taking his artistic approach to the other dominion by installing Optical Tone that utilizes LED light spectrums in synergy with sensors that interrelate with guests to generate original light opus. The Optical Tone Algorithm is developed to visually alter the viewer’s sensitivity of the Optical Tone room.

The mechanism is exhibited at Japan’s Skip City Visual Plaza and would be showcased until 31 August but if you wish to have a first-hand experience of its installation then visit here.

Interesting glimpse:

Optical Tone

Optical Tone

Optical Tone

Optical Tone

Via Skip City Visual Plaza / Dvice
Optical Tone

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