Unbreakable Umbrella!

Now the umbrella designers’ are geared up to alter its assumed purposeful nature by moving a step ahead in building its tough appeal. Can you ever imagine an Umbrella as weapon that assures your safety? Something that is hard enough to break a nut into two? Well, now you have every right to think so as the discovery of unbreakable umbrella would fit in every such wild requirement of yours’. Designed fir the self-defense purpose, it is a substitute of a baseball bat in terms of its toughness. On first thought, the impression was it might be resistant to coil but does that serve our purpose?

No, then a deep study made us realize that like everything it has also some substance that can make your life much comfortable via this elite product. It looks like an ordinary umbrella so dare not the passerby tries to play a trick with you and you are ready to give him the shock of his life via an umbrella punch! Priced at $180, the umbrella is light enough to carry and weighs two pounds. It’s legal to own it.

Unbreakable Umbrella is in action here:

Via BoingBoing/ Dvice
Unbreakable Umbrella

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