John Lewis’ Ultimate kitchen Integrates LCD TV

If that compilation of top11 bejeweled home furnishings was too pricey a deal for you then you can settle at less in terms of dough but no compromise at feature front. U.K-ites are hoping to have John Lewis to states to keep intact with his latest kitchen offerings’. Whilst last year, John unveiled a refrigerator-based wine cellar and today we are enthralled to witness its “Ultimate Kitchen Combo.” The integrated 4-in-1 system houses an electric oven, a steam oven, a wall-mounted coffee machine plus a 19-inch LCD TV.
Agreed, there are much more imposing offerings than this nut considering the simple appeal and its fall into your not-so-deep pocket make it stand above the rest.

Well, it $4,500, it seems to be a quite intelligent deal with a hope if John can replace one of the four segments for a gaming console??

Via Engadget
Ultimate kitchen

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