Illuminating Table Takes Interactivity to a New Level!

Featured here is an Illuminating table from Cinimod Studio designed to enhance the appeal of your interiors. Coalescing 3-D arrays of interactive color progress monitored by its surroundings, the Illuminating Table aims at infusing a fresh breath of life in your room. Functional in “generative art” form, the table utilizes algorithms to craft a frequently varying pattern of shades where grouping of exclusively select glass types offer the delusion of a continual sense of room inside the white glass box. When operational, the table format sports all the artwork encumbered onto it, thereby offering an unswerving and upholding interactive and receptive power that allows users be with the artwork.
Possibly developed by Reed Richards, the furniture item can be seen a weapon to enter into the Negative mode.

The interactive creation by Cinimod Studio aims at ateking yopu to a new level without any usage of chemicals or spirits.

Illuminating Table

Illuminating Table

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Illuminating Table

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