Elite Find of the Day: Yin Yang kitchen Cooks Tasty Chinese for £102,577

I have a great amount of respect and adoration for products with oxymoron features. And try my level best not to skip the inventions of similar nature. Folowing religiously here is a designer kitchen island by Stefan Price that sports cold and hot, black and white, dark and light, peace and wild aspects of a Chinese cooking. Designed for kitchen whiz Evitavonni, its appeal is a clear indication of the renowned Ying Yang icon with the black geography housing the hob and oven (Yang) while the other pole spreads peace by accommodating the sink, fridge and other things connected with cooling (Ying).

Some may call it luxury whilst others may tag it as extravagance, but it is designed to address a new meaning to the world of oriental cooking. The revolutionary design would serve you with delicious Chinese menu and is smart enough to reside in the hi-end abode as the demanding price of £102,577 won’t allow it enter any ordinary household.

Via TechTV/ ElectricPig
Yin Yang kitchen

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