Antro Solo 150 mpg Solar Car: Gas-Electric Hybrid Archetype

The Antro Solo gas-electric hybrid is an appealing blend of futuristic fashionable standards and primordial expertise. Besides a wide range of solar panels, it is powered by an electric motor at the top of the vehicle plus there is a pair of pedals installed in front of passengers comfortable on the three-seater to enhance the motor. The interesting cabin décor allows both the passengers sit on either side of the driver. Eccentric or not, the Antro Solo executes: it’s light, carbon fiber framework keeps it’s load down at 600 pounds, and it can ride at 80 mph while getting an enormous 150 mpg.

Antro Solo

It clearly indicates that for travelling from New York City to Los Angeles, it will consume less than 19 gallons of gas. It rides whilst storing the solar energy in batteries to boost the coupes’ efficiency. Well, for now the vehicle is just a prototype but word is around that by 2012, it would be a developed model demanding a cost of $18,000.

Antro Solo

Antro Solo

Antro Solo

Via Inhabitat
Antro Solo

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  • Awesome concept – Wonderful! Lets get this to market sooner than later…Gas prices continue to rise and BP and Shell continue to have record billion dollar profits while polluting the environment! So glad Hungary is leading the way with GREEN!!! GO GREEN!

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