World’s Largest and Expensive Cruise Ship All Set to Hit the Seas

Ready to take a cruise in a world’s giant cruise ship? But hang on as it hasn’t yet hit the seas. Called the “Project Genesis” cruise liner, Royal Caribbean is engaged in raising this 1,180 feet long water gargantuan. Weighing 220,000 tones and valued at $1.24 billion, the ship claims to be the world’s priciest ship as well. But if besides the ‘est’ factor, figures do make a difference to you then read further. Alleged to be 43% wider than Queen Elizabeth II, it can house 5,400 sea lovers and sponge 6,400 under Sardine circumstances. It sports a Central Park, an AquaTheater along with seven different “neighborhoods” offering lodging to people.

This move can be witnessed as another milestone by Royal Caribbean International, courtesy Genesis fall of 2009.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis

Project Genesis

Via Gizmodo/ Official Site
Project Genesis

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