Unbroken Line Furniture Concept May Rule Your Walls!

I bow my head before all those revolutionary designers, who eat, drink and breathe creativity. Every design starts with a line but a design based only on lines can mark a history. If you can admire the Etch-A-Sketch featured in the long-take Copacabana scene in the Scorsese’s movie “Goodfellas” and the astonishing “La Linea” animatronics of Osvaldo Cavandoli (video appended) then you would surely wish for the designer concept by Aykut Erol turn reality. The range of “Line” furniture system residing in your living room would consist of a desk, hanger, bookshelf, wine rack, CD rack, TV stand and illumination unit standing as design things in their purest forms.

The unique selling point (USP) of the “Line” furniture is that it has no-break line. Hypothetically, the arrangement extends markedly with a single line stimulating itself.

Unbroken Line Furniture

Unbroken Line Furniture

Check this video:

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Unbroken Line Furniture

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