Conway Stewart Evolution Pen Regulates Center Of Gravity

Writers with an eternal relation with pen can here witness the possibilities attached to it and surpasses beyond the recognition of a writing instrument to a classy gadget. Instead of relying upon most recent microprocessor manufacturing techniques, it is the design form that adds to the appeal of the pen with technicalities at its most simple. Called Conway Stewart “Evolution pen,” it sports a perfunctory trick and took three long-years for its development. It is a clear indication that calling it an ordinary pen won’t be a wise statement to make. The holder can tailor pen’s center of gravity from front to the back as per the level of your fatigue and writing style.

Certainly, it must have been a challenge before the production company to engineer a pen with an adjustable weight. And the stamped solid silver body makes it prove its name and mark an evolution of a new breed of pens that would bring a revolution in the industry by alarming competitors. Counted 200 models are anticipated to be produced with each one retailed at $2,700.

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Evolution Pen

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