Alien Cars From Russia Invites Ripley

Humans have a tendency to adore alien thingamajigs. Respecting that we at EliteChoice have been putting you across various forms of alien furniture viz. Giger Harkonnen Chair or unearthly tables. But seems this much is not enough to satiate your alien curiosity. Now the dude based in Russia is geared up to take the alien forms to new levels of mobility. Pictured above is the ultra-alien creation by him that seems to just bustle out of the grill. The Alien car features a perfect model to be driven during a Halloween night. I am simply floored by its hands that clasp the headlights. Elegant appeal!

Is there a worthy contender to ink a newsy deal with this alien model, if even it is available for commercialization? Well pricing shouldn’t be an issue as masterpieces’ are priceless!


Alien Cars

Alien Cars

Alien Cars
Alien Cars

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  • The radiator is there for a reason, you know? Don’t look at me when that abomination of a car overheats >.<

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