Elite Scan: Top 11 Bejeweled Home Furnishings

Bling is a perfect acronym for Diamonds, Gold, Swarovski, Crystals in luxury lexicon. Hence, today’s post is devoted to the bling world of home furnishing ranging from furniture, fireplace, chandelier, doors, kitchen, chairs, walls and bathing. Here you go:

11) Dazzling Chandeliers!

For ages now, chandeliers are considered as obvious objects of interior design. But with the evolution of revolutionary cascading candle-holders, chandeliers have undergone a major role reversal. Undoubtedly, lightning leaves a vibrant and lively impact to the ambiance and interiors of a room. Realizing this Elsa Blaine from Trendhunter has very neatly captured a series of 32 Dazzling Chandeliers that gives a variety of option to fit into running interior pattern. Starting from crystal-encrusted, LED-charged and eco-friendly, you may across every form of chandler that deserve fitting in your bejeweled abode.

10) $75,000 Swarovski Studded Toilet by Jemal Wright

Huh…you needn’t restrict the bling virus to your living room or bejeweled walls and let it peek into your toilet. Yes, now you can experience the beauty of attending nature’s call whilst being comfortable on a Swarovski crystal studded toilet. Designed by Jemal Wright of Hollywood, this bejeweled toilet festooned with over 50,000 handset Swarovski crystals might not allow your conscience to use it on purpose. But still it sis worth installing in an alternative bathroom. The iced-out glossy toilet from the Isis collection is complemented with a similar sink. And news in order to offer you an absolute kit the artist would be unveiling his under-process offering of ice-encrusted double slipper tub by Spring 2008. Currently, featured above this shiny toilet is the pride possession of a holder who inked this pricey deal for $75,000. If thinking for own the upcoming deluxe tub, prepare yourself for such a smart cash flush.

9) Dazzling Daydream Offers Swarovski Touch Bath

Aptly said…. luxury has no precincts. Two established names in the realm of luxury i.e. Kludi, the firm engaged in the field of water in bathrooms and Swarovski, touted to be the mogul of crystal cutting, have joined together to develop a luxurious bathroom for you. Called “Dazzling Daydream,” this $85,064 offering takes pride in standing beyond designer architecture, and hence touching rhythmic element. Aimed to enrich your bathing experience, it is developed using elements like crystal, glass, granite and chrome.

8) Swarovski Adorned Fireplace from Justen Ladda

Right on the lines of chandeliers doing just to ceilings, Fireplaces also add to the value of the décor. There is no dearth of fireplaces (suspended, multimedia or standing) but to respect your piled up dough, here comes Swarovski crystal studded fireplace from Justen Ladda. Well, if you are interested in its making then go ahead: Developed ages back in 19th century, fortunately this time it came under Justen fingers and he led his creative skills, played with its configuration and ended up delivering an out product that is admired by all and is worth picking by filthy rich. Owning two bay windows, it allows Easy dropping and onslaught of the fire pit. With a body of a stainless steel, the curtains covering this fireplace are Swarovski crystallized. They come with a demanding price of $20 000 or more but the one featured in the slide show is retailed at $24 000.

7) Diamond Encrusted Door Handle

Even little things do require a great amount of attention. In order to revamp the traditional appeal of your house, you may install every bejeweled accessory to redesign it and present it like no less than a princely villa. But an absolute change would happen when everything from floor dirt to ceiling color happens to bath in opulence. If you agree with me then taking a look at the deluxe offering by designer Frédéric Attar might gather your interest. Door handles but with a difference! They are diamond festooned door handles for Corinne Darmon’s L’Universe de la Poignée. Available in variety of shades viz. white, yellow, pink or black diamonds or sapphires, the cost of a singular door handle may vary from €750– €1,000,000 depending upon your pick.

6) Swarovski Encrusted Furniture collection by Bertz and Finkeldei

Now its time to give some reverence to furniture items that becomes on-the-face advertising of the standard of living you hold. So one obvious suggestion is: Don’t compromise on picking elite forms of furniture! Offering you a variety to choose from, lately we came across Swarovski crystal edition furniture offering by German manufacturer Finkeldei and Bretz. The former offers a wide range of sparkling crystal furniture varying from exclusive sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, mirrors, chaise lounges to other must-install accessories. Whilst the latter sports the Marilyn sofa and the Pompadour high armchair developed in quite a few shades i.e. red, gold, white and black. The sofa comes adorned with 100 original Swarovski crystals and the swivel Pompadour armchair declares to be installed in your décor for its touch of glossy aluminum trumpet base.

5) Bejeweled Kitchen by INO Meuble Crystal
Kitchen, another significant territory of your abode! It also deserves a crystal smile. And if you want to prioritize your love for bling via bringing it to your home then it’s high time that you should go ahead with the INO Meuble Crystal kitchen that comes with a Tokyo touch. The bejeweled kitchen sports roomy drawers, 135° angled islands, 3D sink and diamond adorned handles. Falling fit to your levels of bling taste, the bejeweled kitchen cannot appease with the positioning of an ordinary stool and hence installing the Chinese Bell Flower chair designed by Masonuri Umeda would offer it a complete feel.

4) Swarovski Studded I CAN SIT High Chair For Rich Kids’

I have talked about bejeweled furniture, kitchen, fireplace, bathroom, toilet and now its time to bring bling for our lovely and naughty kids’. Coming directly from the land of fairies, the designer “I CAN SIT High Chair” is for rich kids who love the unveiling of any shiny toy and placing them in your guest room would shun the absence of any masterpiece.

3) $142,000 Diamond Dust Television Cabinet

Enough of Swarovski encrusted stuff, let’s not forget diamonds and gold are equally appropriate in inviting the attention of people. Featured above this opulent TV cabinet that is designed using 80-year-old German Ahorn plank incorporated across the front. The LED lights mechanism of ruby red television cabinet makes it glow even when all lights are off. Ready to accommodate your flat-screen, the shiny cabinet is the result of 25 layers of hand-polishing and 50 carats of real diamond dust. It sports center lift system, four touch-open drawers; bar drawer (on left) and an additional lift mechanism on the right. Priced at $142,000 this cabinet would undoubtedly cost you more than the TV.

2) Hi-Tech Bathtub Bears Red Diamond Touch

I just thought the information about Swarovski-studded toilet and daydream bathing doesn’t making your bathing experience complete. It still misses the presence of a deluxe bathtub that can be well fulfilled by the installation of the Red Diamond bathtub. Proving the substance of its name, it breeds the red shade and flaunts its integrated Swarovski crystals. Designer Aldo Puglielli has addressed a new meaning to bathroom via this deluxe bathtub. It provides facilities’ like massage, multicolor lightning and comes equipped with champagne holder.

1) Gold Clad Walls for a Kingly Manor

Giving a final touch to your bejeweled home is the elite offering of gold-slapped walls. Not all diamond and Swarovski can do justice to the persona of your kingly manor. Rightly said: Old is gold! The designer offering am pointing towards is the custom built Gold Aluminum Laminate that does away with the ordinary paints. Coming from the house of 3form, this is the only way to let bling vibes’ rotate in your home.

Here, I end and take a long breath as writing about things that one doesn’t possess in not intricate but taxing. If I happen to miss on anything, free feel to reach me at zolamarquisATgmail.com. Also, do take a look at my last compilation of Top 11 potential concepts.

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