CLEVER: 3 Wheeled Compact Low Emission Vehicle Concept

With automobile tycoons already battling with the production of automobiles that maintains equilibrium between space and economy, CLEVER or Compact Low Emission Vehicle is a concept vehicle from the Technical University of Berlin that expresses a new meaning to the urban Transport. Running on compressed natural gas, this three-wheeled vehicle (two rear wheels and one front) is 3 feet wide and can accommodate two persons (good opportunity for working couples). The computer-monitored hydraulic rolling system offers an ultimate driving experience with zero lateral forces at sloping position of up to 45degree, likewise riding a bike. Making a fuel utilization of 188 miles per gallon, this 10 ft long, 3.3 ft wide and 4.4 feet high vehicle is ever comes into production then it would cost you $10,000.

Currently, it has to work on its concept so that it can have an edge over its competitor’s creation of Carver One (video below) that has hit UK market at a cost of £27,654.




Via Tuvie/ Inhabitat

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