Space Wedding Ceremony Costs $2.2 million

All singles, here you have another reason to be dance, dine and wine…..hold on, I never mentioned that the married lot should start mourning. News is that beginning 2011, there is a possibility to keep the venue of your wedding at space. Realizing the surge in space tourism indutry, Rocket plane Kistler Japan has associated with wedding planner First Advantage to commence hosting weddings on board the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane. Inviting only filthy-rich couples, this form of space wedding ceremony includes an hour-long space flight that would reduce your bank balances by 240 million yen ($2.2 million).

Space Wedding

This high sum of wedding ceremony includes a photo and video album, original dress, wedding certificate, to and fro transportation cost from the launch site, accommodation, live broadcast of the ceremony to those making up to the running reception on ground. Woke up would-be couples as you would be entitled to undergo a four-day long session of rehearsal before a final call. The registration for these wedding services is expected to begin in 2011 with acceptance of applications starting 1July, 2008 onwards. Bottom line: Married couple can think of celebrating their silver or golden jubilee there. How about icing this moment with a world’s most expensive wedding dress and making up to Guinness for holding the world’s first ever and most expensive space wedding?

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Space Wedding

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