Prezenter PSR Two-Touchscreen Laptop Engages Audience!

Now the unveiling of revolutionary gadgets can lead to new job vacancies. I may seem insane making this statement but the availability of the innovative Two-Touchscreen Laptop by Prezenter PSR shields me from your stern looks. Yes and the new profession can be travelling salesman! Featured above is a hi-tech form of a laptop that can be your weapon during one-to-one presentations taking away your worry of shifting the laptop towards the client and then making it sit awkwardly so that both of you happens to get a feel of the slide running on it. Sporting two screens, the 14.1-inch screen faces the audience whilst the smaller 7-inch touchscreen allows you take the audience to the level without making them feel uneasy.

Prezenter PSR

Both displays of Prezenter PSR laptop stands on clone mode (dual mode) where the little one seems like an extended desktop setting. It allows the complete interactivity from the clients’ side by enabling them mark circles to points that confuses them. Likewise any standard laptop, it has a battery life of 3.5 hours and is Wi-Fi enables and currently is available for trial in the US market. It is expected to bear a retail price of $1,800.

Via CNet/ Gizmodo
Prezenter PSR

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