Aquavision Series Address A Revolutionary Bathing Experience!

Want to bring some change in your isolated bathroom? Make it more interactive! Nops….that doesn’t mean you should invite people but rather install a form of interactivity that engages you and makes you enjoy that hour-long bath (often females are companied to have one). Realizing your need, one such on the shelf available solution is Aquavision that aims at soothing your stress and relieving you of all tension. The waterproof HD LCD TV is available in horde of sizes i.e. from 17″ to a massive 57″, counting that everyone can’t afford to ink a pricey deal with the giant model respecting space and budget constraints involved. Owning a slim screen, it can easily be en suite onto bathroom tiles and attunes well offering a soothing appeal.

Accessible via a remote control, it doesn’t leave you with even a slim chance to think twice before bringing home. The innovative Aquavision range starts from £1,800 ($3,510) plus and hits the ceiling price of £6,500 for deluxe models.

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