The Ice Lounge Augments Ice Cream Eating Experience

Unlike many of you, I like licking ice cream during chilly winters and demand a company of a friend and a well served ice cream cone. But these demands seem to be too little expectation before Swiss ice cream manufacturer Mövenpick’s initiative. They have taken a step ahead by hiring Claudio Colucci to design a chair purposely adapted to augment the ice cream eating ambiance. And the out product is the “Ice Lounge,” a white cocoon that apparently calms down the mind and body while intensifying the senses to the complex, syrupy aromas.

It features an integrated music system allowing die-hard ice cream aficionados enjoy the metal music with mint chocolate chip. But before you think of approaching one, the Ice Lounge is available only for special events.

Via Gizmodo/LeDesign
Ice Lounge

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