Precious Rebels: Bejeweled Guitars by Amanda Dunbar!

If that presence of blingy vibes around turns you on then don’t stop yourself being in the company of bejeweled surroundings. There is no dearth of options as we have already introduced you to Diamond furniture from Edras , Swarovski Furniture from Bretz, Gold slapped Walls, bejeweled kitchen and now a round of applause for a new entrant especially for guitarists. Developed and designed by Amanda Dunbar, the Swarovski encrusted guitars is an add-on to her celebrated personae. Having bagged the title of youngest inductee to the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame, she also made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show and inked a neat deal of $500,000 plus after selling off her paintings in her first show. Her latest creation of Swarovski encrusted guitars called “precious rebels” priced at $15,000 to $75000 is successful in inviting the interest of prospective customers.

Some of the models from her collection include Capri Tiger featuring a metallic blue-and-black tiger crystal design, ‘The Parisian’, an obscure black-and-white swirled number. This limited edition collection offers counted 30 models all bathed in Swarovski crystals. If you don’t know then every single model is renovated and is also operational with radio frequency identification technology.


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