Elite Find of the Day: The World’s Most Luxurious Office Cubicle

It must be a feast for all the dare devils and an inspirational moment as Jared Nielsen’s initiative have left many like me awestruck. They may label it as extreme cubicle makeover but in reality it bags the honor of being the world’s most luxurious office cubicle. You may have come across various forms of elite, exclusive and elegant cubicles but notice the depth and uniqueness of the one featured above and you will realize the amount of distinctness’ it carries with it. The transparency of being called as the luxury cubicle is proved by the fancy woodwork as Jared’s cube adorned out with a dark cherry hardwood floor, and lavish red mahogany paneling on four walls.

Observe the fluted end caps, smooth evolution from hardwood flooring to carpeted office, and the accurate woodwork all around. He beats all with an engraved desk and an oriental rug, dropping down in his soft-comfy leather-clad throne from where he can control his web advertising kingdom. Other areas worth a glimpse include coffee-stained gray carpeting, woolly cubicle walls that are so well-known to countless workers across the world. By now, if you have happened to lost your heart to this cubicle and regret the deep hole in your pocket then start looking for a vacancy at Jared’s company and trace the opportunity when you can be promoted and asked to rule the team by residing in this cubicle!

Via Dvice/ BoingBoing
Most Luxurious Office Cubicle

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