Solar Harnessing Curtains Invigorate ‘Soft House’

If that unwanted beam of sunlight silently entering your home disturbs you then behave smartly to reap the benefits involved in solar energy. You can consider the functional concept of placing solar curtains that have potential to turn that discarded sunbeams into a useful and much needful form of energy. These days’ going green is “in” and hence you may find designers’, geeks’ experimenting with ways in order to add eco-friendly flavor to your surroundings. Going a step beyond that is the creation of solar harnessing curtains that are semi-transparent and flexible and assures a cool stay by converting every bit of extra sunlight into electricity.

On a summery haute afternoon, you can install solar panels on the roof that is a green way to power your air conditioning and easier way of utilizing renewable energy without having to think about it.

Solar Curtains

Solar CurtainsSolar Curtains

Via PFSK/ Inhabitat
Solar Curtains

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