Futuristic 4-D Ultrasound For Elite Moms!

When conventional forms of ultrasounds seem an interesting way to enjoy the company of your to-be born baby, here comes a chance to give your imagination a relaxing time. Against their ordinary (till now) black and white and coarse or difficult to make out features, this innovative forms focuses upon giving you a clearer picture of the movement happening in your fetus. As a part of medical imaging, it is now possible to take a look at the 4-D time-lapse ultrasound images of your child. It provides comprehensive, color imagery of your fetus along with facial expression.

4-D Ultrasound

Above it, you can experience this beautiful form of ultrasound that seems no less than a spa treatment and ignores the burden if making frequent visits to your concerned physician.

Via BookofJoe / WashingtonPost
4-D Ultrasound

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