Wazz AL: A Stereo Shelf by NoDesign Plays Music

Wazz AL by NoDesign. The name may fail to convey anything but this feature-packed bookshelf plays music via interesting control panel. Waaz is a shelf allied to a PC that twofolds as a device for audio dispersion and storing digital music files (MP3). Developed and designed wood, this audio-stereo set sports a 2*30w amplifier, two medium bass loud speakers, a communication system at radio frequency (Wifi) and a detection interface that uses RfiD chips.

Call it a functional device, a piece of furniture, a stereo set or a shelf, Waaz behaves as an interface object that plugs the fissure between irrelevant melody and tracks hoard on physical wires.

Check out the video:
Wazz AL from NoDesign on Vimeo

Via LikeCool
Wazz AL


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