The Piano Computer Is Just a Concept!

We here at Elitechoice owe so much respect to concept-based products and gadgets that for a while I feel like revising my blog name to Conceptblog. And here we have another one to be added to the kit. If you hadn’t had a chance to keep your fingers upon the RScube workstation, DJ workstation or the XYZ Computer Desk concept and now regret their being going out of the trend then keep yourself ultra-updated with the Piano Computer, a concept that has the power to turn reality soon. Once it gets into production, it won’t only turn heads but would end up breaking few. The stylish Piano Computer comes with integrated computer table and offers a feel similar to that of a stylish piano figure.

With wiring is masked efficiently, it makes one wonder if it has folding display. This is one such concept that I wish should materialize and reach commercial stage soon.

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The Piano Computer

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