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While Googling gadgets for EliteChoice, I came across many well-versed and established names but the one that invited my attention was HitechMommy with a niche covering coolest gadgets for geeky parents. It was then I decided to approach the face behind this blog and came across the lively Mommy named Catherine Michelle Schwartz (aka Cat). The versatile gadget diva is not only a blogger but also eBay’s Gadget and Toy Director who keeps herself busy offering intelligent remarks on the array of consumer electronics and toys in an amicable way or enjoys the company of her son.

Commonly known for her appearances on shows like Live With Regis and Kelly, MSNBC’s Hot List and The Today Show; Cat takes pride being an American TV personality for her former role as co-host for television program Call for Help on the TechTV, now known as G4techTV after its merger with G4 in May 2004. Her exhaustive profile is a clear question to the thought that the tech world is a male-driven territory that subside women. I would here choose to be silent and let you go with her flow of lively responses to the thrown questions.

Introduce yourself to my readers and take us to your average flow of day at work?
My name is Catherine Schwartz, but you can call me Cat. I wake up to my son saying something amazing in a 2 year old voice. It’s the best. We eat and watch TV as I check my email and get ready to start writing. Then I take him to daycare and start hitting the blogs. I write and write, then I request some gadgets, then fedex brings gadgets that I then plug in. Then I attempt to play with yesterday’s gadgets until it’s time to go get Jack. We eat and watch TV. It’s the best. Then he says something wonderful in that voice of his and I got to sleep.

Catherine SchwartzSince 2003, you have been engaged developing high-tech ways for distributing TV content over the Web. Take us through this journey of yours and introduce us to few exciting ways you have worked upon.
I used to host a TV show on TechTV and now I report on consumer electronics for parents on shows such as the TODAY show and your local news :-) I also work for eBay as the “eBay Gadget and Toy Director” as well as run my blog HiTechMommy. I also raise an amazing boy that I named Jack after my great grandfather, Jack Schwartz.
In early 2005, you along with your friend Wynter Mitchell ventured into podcasting hosted on Libsyn. Since then there is no update on any offerings in this niche. Is there any significant reason for this?
We’ve been super lazy. She and I still kick it and have actually been approached to do a video blog… but we’ll see. It would actually be pretty great. She and I have a good time together and she’s amazing.

Whom do you admire the most in the blogging community and why?
Ryan Block of engadget. I don’t know how the heck he does it. So many great posts within so little time.

It seems you have addiction for gadgets. Can my readers know which are those three gadgetry possessions that you can’t afford to miss while stepping out?
iPhone, Magellan Mastero 4250, a small voice recorder that has a jog dial that distortes your voice that always keeps Jack occupied.

Can you introduce us to few gadgets that can make mommies or would-be mommy day easier?
That recorder thing, my LG swivel screen portable DVD player and the amazingly simple step2 play sink… works wonders for kids.

Tell us about your ‘must-read’ or favorites blogs?
Popgadget, Engadget and Momlogic

What is that first gadget that you gifted to your son?
He took over my sidekick LX and never gave it back . You should just give them their own phone that actually turns on. It seems excessive but I’m telling you it’s better than them ruining yours.

You have been a renowned TV personality, columnist and an established blogger. After experimenting with numerous avatars, what next dress rehearsal is on cards for Cat?
More TODAY show stuff. (fingers crossed)

Catherine Schwartz

How would you like to be known as:
Gadget Diva:
TV Personality

All of those but don’t leave out great MOM and the inventor of the Swiffer! (I’m not kidding)

What all innovations in the tech industry have influenced you lately?
Twitter. I heart Twitter.

What upcoming gadget you want to possess and are impatient about?
Sony’s Rolly! Soo coool!

What cell phone do you have right now?

If a novice blogger seek three tips from you, what would that be?
Blog often, keep it short, pictures are good.

Where do you see the future of Blogosphere?
Sorry to say but more social networking.

What next at professional front for Cat?
More TV on national networks and more webvideo!

Catherine SchwartzWhom would you recommend for being featured as my next EliteBlogger?
Ryan Block from Engadget

Give us your views on EliteChoice.
Really interesting and a great take on the inside of the scene.

How did you come up with this idea?

This is the commonly asked question by many of my Elitebloggers and I respect the involved curiosity factor. To be straight, the idea was build a kind of series where all the worthy names can reside, know and reach each other (to begin with capture the bloggers behind 125 Elite Blogs). Also, through exhaustive interviews the interviewee here enjoys the freedom to share his achievements, future plans while readers/fellow bloggers get to know the prerequisite for surviving in this healthy competition

I am glad to share that the amount of success and appreciation am getting in return is ineffable. As a result of this support, I end up featuring a new face every week. Can’t help as there exist a deserving lot!

Must confess that by now this coolest and hi-tech ‘Cat’ must be residing on the friend-list of all my dog like geeks’ cum readers. I wish luck to Cat for raising Jack and experimenting with other alien domains available at the largest database on earth-INTERNET.
Catherine Schwartz

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