Customized GG Quad Brings Opulence to Four-Wheeler

Are you ready to welcome a new entrant or a toy to your garage? Even if you aren’t I propose you to consider the GG Quad, a custom-built four-wheel motorcycle motorized by a 1,130cc BMW engine. The 95 hp GG Quad races from 0 to 60 mph within five seconds and tops out at 115 mph. Must say, it offers a great power for a quad. The highly visible car wheels enable quad attain a prominent street look along with a variety of custom preferences detailing innovative paint jobs, elective side storage sheet, and BMW steering systems.

The framework on the GG Quad is made from garrison aluminum and weighs 880 lbs. But like I always say luxury never comes cheap, so following this this deluxe quad also demands $49,500.

Few more models:

GG Quad

GG Quad

GG Quad

GG Quad
GG Quad

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  • The “Cool-Factor” is off the charts!!!! I’ve seen these machines up close and they are nothing short of BEAUTIFUL.

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