World’s First Luxury Airship: The Manned Cloud

The idea of this manned cloud or Airship is to make you travel experience sound no less than a luxury ride taking you travel from remote locations within no time. You may choose to disagree with me but the creation by French industrial designer Jean-Marie Massaud substantiates my thought. History reveals Massaud association with established brands like Yves Saint Laurent (for cologne bottles) and Yamaha (for yacht), but now he is eyeing to partner with Onera, France’s space agency, to develop world’s first luxury airship- The Manned Cloud. Crafted like a whale, the 5.6 million sq ft airship is constructed using double-decker craft and can fly at a top speed of 105 mph offering the comforts of a luxury cruise liner. With a capacity to transport 55 passengers from Paris to Madagascar within four days, Missaud is awaiting the interest of any private investor as it requires $15 billion to start work on it with an anticipated completion by 2020.

Its 2.6 million sq ft hull crammed with helium keeps the airship uphill and the integrated de-icing machine shields the ship from cold weather. The conical tail optimizes aerodynamics by diminishing drag and scheming airflow over the hull. After burning of fuel, the airship becomes lighter and its pumps insert external air into the hull. Its elegant crafted design easily accommodates around 15 travelers’ in its underbelly and the roomy two-story cabin details a restaurant, library, fitness room, spa, and furnishings designed by Massaud.

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The Manned Cloud

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