Kite Flying…Oops Kite Sailing Goes Stylish, Courtesy Monique Mindeis

If kite flying and boat sailing enlightens your dead soul then rush now to enjoy the twosome activities by taking a ride over the Kite Boat developed and designed by Monique Mindeis at Polous Design. Called the Powerkite Kite Boat, it provides the dexterity of flying kite while cruising in the company of your beloved, who can reside in a folding seat placed in the back. Sailing up in the aniti-wind course is favorable for the Kite Boat.
Demanding a great level of practice, the art of kitesailing is defined as being hard-pressed by a kite in some vessel permiting the kite forces being relocated through the body of the driver whilst other believes the vessel movement is due to the slim push by kite.

You would be glad to know that its accessibility on ringmast technology meets success for both designations. I doubt if it is an eco-friendly add-on but for sure its striking appeal would not only invite interests from many but is able to break few heads, who doesn’t have a luck to possess it and are jealous after seeing their neignbour having a wonderful holiday via this Kite Boat.

More pics:

Kite boat

Kite boat

Kite boat
Kite boat

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